and welcome to A L E X Λ N D R A Australia.

I’m Lexi McNeil, the Designer and Director.

Alexandra is my birth name but to my friends and family (and you) I'm Lexi!

Fashion has always been my passion. So much so that in 2017, even without a design background, I created my own line of luxury outerwear.

That was just the beginning of A L E X Λ N D R A.

As I got to know my customers, I realised you were women from all walks of life who needed more than event wear. You needed lifewear. Because looking amazing shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. And it definitely shouldn’t take hours to put together.

I still stock some gorgeous luxury pieces (we all need something fab), but my fashion mission is now to help women step into life everyday with their best-dressed foot forward. Dressed and ready for anyoccasion -- coffee, walks, school drop-offs, lunch dates . . . LIFE.

A L E X Λ N D R A is now Australia’s go-to label offering premium cotton basics, jumpers, shirts, jackets, and even shoes. And the best thing is that the entire range works well together. So with all the many things you have to think about. . . what to wear isn’t one of them.

We’re all about women just like you. Women with great style and busy lives. Women who want clothes that make them feel sexy and confident, but are effortless to pull together. Our pieces are made to mix, match, dress-up, or dress-down, so you don’t have to put a whole lot of thought into what you wear. You can pretty much choose your whole wardrobe from tip to toe right here!

While all items are created at the A L E X A N D R A headquarters in Melbourne, running the business requires me to travel extensively throughout Asia, the manufacturing hub of the world. I am lucky to spend time in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand in search of the best fabrics, accessories and ethical factories to work with.

As an up and coming designer with a growing business, I am involved in every aspect of my business and love getting to know my wonderful, supportive and stylish customers. If you are interested in keeping up to date with our latest range and humble journey, please sign up to our email list.

You can also catch me on Instagram, @leximcneil and don’t forget to follow the brand, @alexandraaus!

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